How to Get Your Company’s Accounting Done for Less Than 5K from Experts


Accountants are such an integral part of a business that they are indispensable. You may not
have a designer on your team and your company may function. You may not have a PR
department and your business will still be standing. However, without an accountant to keep a
tab on all your transactions happening every day, you might as well just shut your business
before drowning in losses.

Accounting is indeed of prime importance to keep a check on the financials of your company.
Whether you run a small business or a big company, accounting service is needed at every
stage. And here we are to tell you how you can do this oh so important job without breaking your

Read on to find out more!

Accounting – Traditional way Vs. Mantraa way

Up until now, accounting has been the traditional way and also has been giving results. But with
the changing times, there has been a change in the way these services are offered. And Mantraa
has proudly adapted to the changing needs and times and offers a whole gamut of services
under its umbrella of CFO services.

From minimizing costs to maximizing profits, and managing cash flows to stress-free
compliances, we at Mantraa offer everything that your business needs through our CFO
services. Here’s why the Mantraa way is better than the traditional way!

1. In-house employee Vs. Outsourced Service
Previously as a business, you would have to hire a full-time accountant on your payroll,
regardless of your occasional need. But with the Mantraa way, you wouldn’t have to
worry about hiring a permanent employee, for we do that for you! We take care of all your
accounting needs once you choose us for it!

2. Expensive Vs. Pocket-friendly
Accounting doesn’t just stop at mere entries of financial transactions. There’s also the
audit, filing the returns, and so much more. For which you would need a team of
professionals, were you to hire for yourself or outsource a CA for filing your returns. On
the other hand, you get all of these done in one place with us without burning a hole
through your pocket with a team of professionals!

3. Chances of Error Vs. Guaranteed Expertise
Unlike an accountant prone to making errors, we at Mantraa have a team of experts
ready to serve with years of experience and knowledge. We deliver our services without
any compromise in quality.

4. Individual Service Vs. End-to-End Solution
By hiring an accountant, you employ his limited knowledge and skills. With Mantraa, not
only do you hire a team of experts but are in for a stress-free experience as we offer
end-to-end services.

How Mantraa helped Businesses with CFO services

For ‘Sunrise CSP’, we helped them with accounting support, regulatory and GST & TDS
compliance, and much more. Thus, we helped them save costs pretty intelligently.

There is also ‘Behno’, whom we assisted in tax return filing, tax audits, cash flow management,

and more. We helped them through the decisions for their business operations.


You too can avail of our CFO services that suit your budget. We offer services starting from as
low as ₹1,999 per month. And what’s more, we offer additional discounts for multiple accounts
too! So wait no more and get in touch with us and avail our professional expertise now! Visit us
at or give us a call at +91-85912-41764.
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