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Expert IPO Advisory Services

Our IPO advisory services offers expert guidance for companies, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to the public markets.
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To be the hotspot NAVIGATOR for businesses looking to go public or seeking private placement funding, our team has extensive experience in IPO, SME IPO, RIGHTS ISSUES, BUYBACKS,  business valuation, and private equity transactions. 

We help companies navigate the complex process of going public, whether through a traditional IPO or an SME IPO. Our team provides guidance on the regulatory requirements, evaluation of the company’s eligibility for going public, and assistance with preparing the company for the IPO process.

  • Evaluation/Eligibility
  • Preparation for IPO
  • Business Valuation
  • IPO Listing Support
  • Private Placement
IPO planning

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We conduct a thorough evaluation of the company's financial and operational performance to determine its suitability for going public and provide guidance to make the company ready.


Preparation for IPO

We offer end-to-end IPO preparation, right from assistance with financial reporting and regulatory compliance to guidance on corporate governance and management structures.


Business Valuation

We utilize various valuation methods to provide an accurate assessment of a` company's worth, which is essential for setting an appropriate IPO price.

IPO Listing Support

We provide support in getting your IPO listed without the hassle of physical visits to the bureau or drowning in loads of paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions about IPO Services

Deciding whether to pursue an initial public offering (IPO) is a significant decision for any company. It depends on various factors such as your business objectives, financial health, growth prospects, and market conditions. An IPO can provide access to capital, enhance visibility, and allow for liquidity for existing shareholders. However, it also involves regulatory compliance, transparency, and additional costs. Our finance consulting services can help you assess your company’s readiness for an IPO and guide you through the process.

To determine your eligibility for an IPO, several factors need consideration. These may include your company’s financial performance, profitability, growth potential, and market demand for your industry sector. Additionally, meeting regulatory requirements, having a solid business plan, and a well-structured management team are crucial. Our finance consultants can evaluate your company’s eligibility and assist you in preparing for an IPO if it aligns with your business goals.

Valuation plays a crucial role in determining the worth of your company when going public. It involves assessing various aspects such as financial performance, growth prospects, industry comparisons, and market conditions. Valuation methods can vary, including discounted cash flows, comparable company analysis, or revenue multiples. Our finance consulting team can help you analyze these factors and perform a thorough valuation assessment to determine a fair and accurate value for your company.

Selecting the right investment banker is essential for a successful IPO. Investment bankers play a key role in underwriting and managing the IPO process, conducting due diligence, and helping with pricing and marketing your company’s shares. It is advisable to start the selection process early to allow for thorough evaluation and negotiations. Consider factors such as the bank’s experience, reputation, industry expertise, track record, and the quality of their research and distribution capabilities. Our finance consultants can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose an investment banker that best suits your needs.

Structuring your board is crucial for corporate governance and effective decision-making. Consider the expertise, experience, and diversity of potential board members to ensure they bring the necessary skills and knowledge to support your company’s growth and success. Determine the appropriate number of board seats, including independent directors, and establish committees for audit, compensation, and governance. Our finance consulting services can assist you in designing a board structure that aligns with your company’s goals, industry best practices, and regulatory requirements.

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