The story of Sunrise CSP: The story of a new dawn in India’s solar energy sector


Here’s how Mantraa helped Sunrise CSP to create a new transformational dawn for the future of the solar energy sector in India

Sunrise CSP is an Australia based company that “develops, supplies and supports world-leading Concentrated Solar Energy” for generating electricity and high-temperature heating systems used in industries. It has developed the world’s biggest and most powerful concentrator (Patented) generating up to 1700° C temperature using solar energy. Known for the Big Dish Solar concentrator, it provides for a world-leading solar technology that is not only cost-competitive against all conventional fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil but provides for solar solutions focused on high-performance delivery to maximize local manufacturing and supply. It has also developed heat storage devices and abilities at much lower cost of storage per MW than battery or other conventional options available so far. 


Intending to expand its presence globally, Sunrise knocked on India’s door with a sense of hope and opportunity. Around September 2018, when Sunrise CSP came to Mantraa seeking some specific solutions for entering the Indian markets, they needed expert help to map their entire journey here. 


And, this is what happened thereafter… 


Background and Problem areas: 


Sunrise did have a business plan for its India operations but was that plan apt given India’s industrial and solar energy context? What hurdles would they have to face? What would it take to be prepared to tackle them? What about funding? What should be their vision here? What would be their target clientele? How should they be approached? How should they capitalize on licenses and intellectual property rights? 


Those were some of the challenging questions before us. But we did nicely fit all the puzzle pieces together. How? Read more…


Our Approach:

Indeed, making headway into Indian solar energy markets was not a cakewalk. Sunrise CSP would need adequate funding for opening a new chapter here. Besides that, its business plan needed to be robust. We, at Mantraa wanted to crosscheck with our data and have it validated before strategizing a fully functional business plan. 


Mantraa’s expert team with years of experience in developing a business plan and fundraising got involved with Sunrise. Right from understanding all the parameters related to funding readiness for the company, we ensured that Sunrise had all the strong points to its advantage under its belt for the best possible funding route. 


Having our data validated by industry experts, we studied the Indian markets more deeply and charted the course for finding the right target audience, entry strategy and analysis of Intellectual Property Rights.


So, what exactly did we do for them?


The Solution:


Mantraa helped Sunrise raise funds over $1.5 Million for its initial project from global and Indian investors. This was a huge success on the part of Sunrise CSP as well as Mantraa.


Abiding by the meticulously developed business plan, Sunrise diversified its business from providing renewable solar energy to offering solutions for heating and power applications.


Here’s another feather in the cap – Mantraa also helped them acquire an Intellectual Property from the Australian National University’s Solar Thermal Group, a leading research centre in Australia and the globe that conducts research, development and education in the broad sector of renewable energy engineering.  


Did the solution work?