100 Unicorns And A Summary Around It


Compiled by Arnav Shah

India recently achieved a milestone of having completed 100 Unicorn startups and became only the 3rd country to do so. The Neo bank startup, OPEN, became the 100th Unicorn startup of India last month. The total valuation of the Unicorn club comes to around $330 Billion.

The phrase ‘Unicorn startup’ means those startups that have crossed the valuation of $1 Billion.

Back in 2011, InMobi, a digital marketing startup became India’s first Unicorn startup, followed by Flipkart in 2012. India has only seen a rise in the number of startups entering the Unicorn club every year ever since.

Sectors and industries

The Unicorn club comprises of startups from various sectors like Fintech, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Edtech, Media, Transport, Logistics etc. Out of all the sectors, Ecommerce (23 startups) and Fintech (21 startups) have most startups under them.

The Unicorn club is Valued at over $330 Billion, with the Ecommerce sector leading with a total valuation of $85 Billion, followed by Fintech at $64 Billion.


Here is a list of top 5 highest valued startups of the Unicorn club

Flipkart is the most valued company in the Unicorn club, with a valuation of over $37.6 Billion and accounts for almost half of the Ecommerce sector.


Ecommerce leads the race in fundings as well. Businesses from the Ecommerce sector of the Unicorn club have collectively raised a total of $26 Billion. The Fintech sector is 2nd, with a total of $12.4 Billion funds raised. Flipkart has raised the most funds till date which is $12.6 Billion.

A few unique ideas that transformed into Unicorns