Powerband-IPG Acquisition: Mantraa Group's Empowering Facilitation for Success

Discover how Mantraa group played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful acquisition deal between Powerband, the leading producer of BOPP tapes in Southwest Asia, and IPG, a recognized global leader in tape manufacturing and packaging. With their expertise in deal facilitation, financial analysis, negotiation, and due diligence, Mantraa group ensured a seamless transaction process that empowered Powerband to find a suitable buyer in IPG, enabling both companies to expand their market presence and product offerings.
Seller: Powerband
Dominating the BOPP Tape Market Powerband, the largest producer of BOPP tapes in Southwest Asia, has established itself as the industry frontrunner. Boasting revenues surpassing its closest competitor by over five times, Powerband’s success can be attributed to its backward integration, high-quality product portfolio, and global market reach. With a strong market acceptance in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, Powerband was an attractive acquisition target.
Buyer: IPG
A Global Leader in Tape Manufacturing and Packaging IPG, known for its innovation and expertise in tape manufacturing and packaging solutions, recognized the potential in acquiring Powerband. With a diverse range of products, including paper and film-based pressure-sensitive tapes, water-activated tapes, polyethylene, specialized polyolefin films, and protected packaging, IPG was strategically positioned to benefit from the acquisition.
Role of Mantraa Group
Mantraa group played a pivotal role in facilitating the Powerband-IPG acquisition deal. Their expertise and involvement spanned multiple crucial stages, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.
Preparing Information Memorandum, Forecast, and Valuation: Partnering with Powerband, the mantraa group meticulously prepared an information memorandum, offering comprehensive insights into Powerband’s operations, financials, market position, and growth potential. The group conducted thorough financial forecasting and valuation exercises to provide an accurate representation of Powerband’s value.
Negotiation to Sell First 74%
Leveraging their expertise in deal negotiations, Mantraa group facilitated discussions between Powerband and IPG, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial agreement. Their skillful negotiation techniques resulted in the successful sale of 74% of Powerband’s shares to IPG, marking a significant milestone in the acquisition process.
Term Sheet and Due Diligence
Mantraa group prepared a well-defined term sheet, outlining the key terms and conditions of the acquisition deal. They conducted comprehensive due diligence, meticulously assessing all legal, financial, and operational aspects of Powerband. This thorough process helped mitigate risks and provided IPG with a clear understanding of Powerband’s assets and liabilities.
Final 26% Sold in 2019
Building on the initial transaction’s success, the Mantraa group continued their involvement in the acquisition. In 2019, they facilitated the sale of the remaining 26% of Powerband’s shares to IPG, solidifying the acquisition and fostering a strong partnership between the two companies.
Through their expertise and meticulous approach, the Mantraa group played a crucial role in empowering the successful acquisition of Powerband by IPG. By facilitating seamless transaction processes and leveraging their knowledge and experience, the Mantraa group enabled Powerband to find a suitable buyer in IPG and allowed both companies to expand their market presence and enhance their product portfolios. The Powerband-IPG acquisition showcases the Mantraa group’s ability to create value and drive successful outcomes in the ever-evolving M&A landscape.