Saloni Mehta

Saloni Mehta

Philosophy: Dedicated to supporting the dreams and aspirations of founders.

Designation: Associate Partner

Education:, CS, Strategic management programme, business management and marketing

Experience: Startup Services | Funding & Strategy | Business Planning | CS | Celebrity Search & Tie-Up| Wealth Management


Experienced capital markets expert with 14+ years of experience in business planning, start-up funding, growth, and portfolio management. Passionate about helping start-ups succeed.

Hello! My name is Saloni, and I am a seasoned capital markets expert with over 15 years of experience building wealth for local and global investors. I am deeply passionate about working with start-ups and businesses to help them develop the right strategy, plan effectively, and pitch their business ideas to investors in the form of a story that can make a lasting impression in their minds.

As a business strategist, I put myself in the shoes of entrepreneurs and provide customized solutions to meet their unique needs. My areas of expertise include:

  • Business planning strategy
  • Start-up business planning and strategy
  • Start-up branding and marketing strategy
  • Growth and mentorship for start-ups
  • Scale-up businesses and funding
  • Managing Your Portfolio

I believe in the power of mentorship, and I’m dedicated to helping start-ups grow and succeed. Seeing the passion and drive of entrepreneurs never fails to inspire me, and I’m honoured to be a part of their journey.

I believe in working closely with entrepreneurs to help them realise their vision and achieve their goals. If you’re a start-up looking for guidance and support, I’m here to help