Revolutionizing HealthTech for Mental Wellbeing and Healthcare

Mantraa group, a key supporter and collaborator of BRAHMANSH, has played a crucial role in the startup’s journey towards revolutionizing the HealthTech industry. With their expertise, mentorship, and financial support, the Mantraa group has been instrumental in helping BRAHMANSH develop cutting-edge products, set up manufacturing capabilities, conduct clinical trials, expand into international markets, and provide strategic guidance for launch and scaling-up efforts.
Mentorship and Collaboration
The Mantraa group recognized the potential of BRAHMANSH’s innovative solutions for mental health, migraine relief, and hearing aid. To facilitate their growth, the group provided mentorship programs, connecting BRAHMANSH with experienced doctors, industry experts, and advisors. This collaboration ensured that BRAHMANSH received valuable guidance on product development, clinical trial design, and market evaluation, enabling them to create impactful and effective solutions.
Financial Support and Pre-seed Funding
Recognizing the importance of financial backing, the Mantraa group facilitated BRAHMANSH’s fundraising efforts. They supported the startup in raising INR 50 lakhs in a pre-seed round, valuing the company at INR 4 crores. This initial capital injection allowed BRAHMANSH to kick-start their operations, laying a strong foundation for future growth.
Manufacturing Setup and Quality Assurance
Establishing a robust manufacturing plant was critical to BRAHMANSH’s success. The Mantraa group played a pivotal role in helping BRAHMANSH set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, ensuring efficient production processes and adherence to strict quality standards. With the Mantraa group’s assistance, BRAHMANSH was able to streamline their manufacturing operations, enabling them to meet growing customer demands while maintaining exceptional product quality.
Clinical Trials and Regulatory Compliance
To validate the safety and efficacy of their products, BRAHMANSH conducted rigorous clinical trials. The Mantraa group facilitated this process by providing guidance on trial design, connecting BRAHMANSH with medical professionals, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Through this collaboration, BRAHMANSH was able to gather valuable clinical data, further enhancing their credibility in the market.
Market Expansion into South Africa
Recognizing the potential of international markets, the Mantraa group supported BRAHMANSH in expanding into South Africa. Leveraging their extensive network and expertise, the Mantraa group helped BRAHMANSH understand the local market dynamics, regulatory landscape, and consumer preferences. This invaluable support paved the way for BRAHMANSH to establish a presence in South Africa, providing access to a broader customer base and new growth opportunities.
CFO Services and Strategic Guidance
Mantraa group continues to support BRAHMANSH by providing CFO services. This assistance ensures effective financial management and operational efficiency. Moreover, the Mantraa group offers strategic guidance to BRAHMANSH for their launch and scaling-up efforts, assisting in devising effective strategies for market penetration, brand positioning, and sustainable growth.
Mantraa group’s unwavering support has been instrumental in BRAHMANSH’s journey towards transforming the HealthTech industry. Through their mentorship, financial support, manufacturing setup, clinical trial assistance, market expansion efforts, and strategic guidance, the Mantraa group has empowered BRAHMANSH to develop cutting-edge products, establish a strong foothold in the market, and achieve significant milestones.