Cryptocurrency: The Future of Investing?

Recently the term cryptocurrency has come up more often than once at business dinner time conversations, online forums like Reddit, as well as other media sources. With the recent hype of Elon Musk investing in bitcoins raising the stock prices, as well as the memes that followed the event, cryptocurrency is slowly becoming a familiar…


A 4-minute Beginner’s Guide to Zero Based Budgeting

A whole lot has already been said about the key budget takeaways by industry experts from various fields. Economists too have critically evaluated the facts and figures pertaining to a slew of reforms introduced by Mrs. Sitharaman.

Not reiterating the discussions here, this blog talks of 3 specific and key highlights that Mantraa as India’s one of best financial planners examines.


Here’s why Serum Institute of India’s recent fire accident reveals lessons learnt the hard way in Enterprise Risk Management

A fatal blaze in one production facility at the Serum Institute of India (SII) SEZ plant in Manjri on 21st January, in Pune shocked everyone. Fire sparks generated during the construction work combined with inflammable materials such as PVC, plastic, acrylic and plywood present there trapped and asphyxiated the workers killing 5 of them.

Our PM tweeted aptly over the incidence, “Anguished by the loss of lives due to an unfortunate fire at the @SerumInstIndia”.