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The accurate and insightful Due Diligence Report by Mantraa helped NOTO with a successful round of funding and the following transaction support.

Nature of Work

Due Diligence Report (For an Upcoming Round of Funding) and Transaction Support.


With its presence in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, NOTO is a healthy ice cream company that focuses on providing a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional ice-creams.

NOTO had approached Mantraa for a Due Diligence Report for its round of funding which included Mr. John Abraham as a potential investor. Due Diligence report helps the company and the investor know the financial standing of the said company. It also helps determine whether the investment may prove to be a profitable one.

Mantraa’s Solution

At the critical and crucial evaluation stage, we delivered the report with the best possible understanding of the Administration, Ownership, Business, Financials, Compliance, Revenue, and Capital History Report. 


Mantraa’s astute and accurate information provided the correct perspective about the potential investment and the inherent risk involved. This led to a successful Pre-Series A Funding round which raised funds of ₹4 crores. Mantraa also provided transaction support for the amount raised in the funding round.

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