Risk Advisory

Mantraa specializes in ERM services for wish business which wants to measure and improve their preparedness for risk and secure resilience against distressed situations of adversity or unplanned events. Mantraa assists business firms for the development of dedicated risk policy that is determined in a customized manner from scratch for every company. Such policy rests as a buffer and shields the firm from different types of risks including financial and decisional. Risk advisory services of Mantraa includes the following components

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management or ERM has now become the necessary adjunct of business policy because of the high volatility in market and economy. Risk tolerance should be considered by every firm therefore! Mantraa offers specialized service to companies towards enterprise risk management. Our experts have worthy experience in diverse dimensions of business risk and together they work out a failsafe risk policy!

Performing audits is the integral aspect of risk assessment and management. We do the following audits to ensure a robust risk mitigation and management strategy

Audits are followed by risk identification and prioritization and development of composite risk tolerance and management policy. Contingent risk transfer protocols are also established.

Insurance Advisory

Mantraa offers custom tailored insurance advice against the potential risks that surface up anonymously. Risks are part of doing business and insurance instruments are helpful as shields against unforeseen and sudden events. However, identification of the right insurance risk approach and product is very important and this in turn depends on risks assessments for the company. We at Mantraa ensure that a comprehensive risk assessment and management plan is developed that contains desired insurance components to create a fiscal safety net for the company. Our insurance advisory service includes –

Claim Management

Claim management services are offered by Mantraa experts who specialize in insurance instruments for the corporate. We have assisted the firms in diverse verticals and sectors of economy and have the desired expertise towards a seamless claim settlement with the insurance firm. Mantraa claims’ services include the filing before the insurance provider, continuous escort and assistance for case presentation and other tasks that are integral to the process of claim settlement.

Insurance claims advisory services at Mantraa also include streamlining of records and bookkeeping protocols ‘in house’ so that potential discrepancies in claims are averted and risk management is effectively ensured for the corporate firm in distress.