Proof Of Concept / Business Model Validation

Mantraa offers business model validation services for the corporate firms that wish to assess the fault tolerance of a new concept or idea. A rational proof of the concept is offered that helps to develop the authentic blueprint.

Market Research And Analysis

Avail targeted and objective market research services at Mantraa. Our experts employ the latest algorithms of market analysis to develop insights and establish the latent factors of relevance to your goals.

Strategy Formulation, Structuring and Planning

Rope in Mantraa as your strategic partner. We offer lifecycle support and solutions as for business plan development, O & M and also fiscal projections for corporate plans. Our services are based on authentic methods and wider experiences in multiple domains of economy and business.

Business Modelling

Seek fail proof business modelling services through Mantraa and get started on success trajectory that never falters. We make use of refined practices to generate finer leads that are depended upon as vital parameters.

Mentoring and Advisory for Continued Growth

Are you seeking continuous growth of your business? Find frontline mentoring and advisory service from Mantraa that has some of the best experts of business and economy. We have been guiding the company boards and managers for the rational decisions and targeted growth solutions.

Preparation Of Pitch Book

Mantraa prepares pitch book for the corporate firms that either seek to assess the potential worth of their business partners or which want to project their own value viz a viz their competitors. Our assessments are based on objective calculations.

Fund Raising Strategy And Execution

Raise funds from lenders easily by projecting your worth and value in the market. Mantraa offers to push your value objectively among the credit agencies and lenders and also assist through implementation solutions for your project financials.