Secured and unsecured loan

Seek out Mantraa’s specialized expertise & contacts for availing business loans – both secured and unsecured. We have assisted companies through our professional services towards projecting your worth and creditworthiness before the lenders and bankers at national and international levels.

Project Loans

Get project loans from leading lenders and investment banks across the globe. Mantraa experts draft loan proposals for the business firms very objectively so that your project finds active support and approval from the assessors.

Loan against property

Seek loan against property and move ahead briskly with your business plan. Mantraa has assisted several firms in achieving financial closure with the lenders and financiers through authentic drafting of their loan application together with the optimized projection of existing property as collateral.

Business Loans and Working capital loans

Mantraa can help your company get business loans at attractive rates by drafting a worthy proposal for consideration by the lenders. Our experts also can structure creative working capital financing solutions. Your firm can benefit tremendously by leveraging the credit policies of lenders and bankers around the world.

External Commercial Borrowings & Foreign currency loan

Avail external commercial borrowings (ECB) easily from the investors abroad and get enough of business capital for expansion and project execution. Foreign currency loans have become popular with the business firms here in India in last few years. We help you secure the same through proposals drafted professionally by our experts.

Financial Modelling and Fund Raising Strategy

Adopt a rational and targeted fund raising strategy for your business plans and projects. Financial modelling needs to be responsive towards the requirements of the project that your company pursues. Mantraa experts help secure the coherence that is vital for fail safe fiscal planning.

Short-term / Long-term Plain Vanilla / Structured Lending

Mantraa has been actively assisting the corporate firms for availing short term and long term loans from the lenders and bankers across the world. Your company can also close the loan of choice and requirement through a rational proposal. Seek plain vanilla loan for long term or get custom tailored structured loan to match your project needs through our expert assistance.

We assist in preparation of Pitch Book and Project Report

Mantraa offers to prepare the pitch book for the business firms that want to avail the loans for expansion and project execution. Investment banks and lenders seek a rational view of the potential worth of the seeking company before establishing the loan deal. Mantraa helps in developing an authentic project report through a logically formulated pitch book.

Project Financing & Working Capital

Find professional assistance for business project financing through Mantraa experts who have in-depth knowledge and wide experience in diverse verticals of economy. They also help secure financial closure through project loans as also working capital loans for the business firms.

Mezzanine Funding

There are situations when Entrepreneurs won’t like to dilute their equity at the same time, they need more than Debt or their debt limits are exhausted. Mantraa offers professional assistance to the corporate firms that want to avail mezzanine financing from the lenders and FIs. Project your company’s worth before the lending agencies and fund houses to secure finance for capex initiatives. Mantraa will help your company in developing a genuine proposal for the same.


We offer Professional Services relating to Equity Valuation, restructuring and other dimensions that may emerge relevant to your Company’s plans relating to capital requirement, expansion or divestment of stake through equity offering. Complete assistance is provided for equity splits and mergers/demergers that warrant court interventions and associated legal/paralegal processes.

Equity fund raise

Seek to raise Capital through equity offering of your firm? We have the expertise for all the equity options and would optimize fund garnering. We offer end to end support and service for raising capital from ‘high net worth individuals’ (HNIs) and other institutional investors including the mezzanine funds. Angel investor services, private equity and public offers (IPO) are also facilitated.

Mantraa offers dynamic and customized assistance and financing solutions at different stages of project life cycle so that your initiatives and projects never suffer for the want of funds and expertise.