Joint ventures /Divestment /Stake sale

Mantraa has been working with businesses in diverse verticals and has the deep expertise when it comes to JVs and strategic partnerships. We have enabled the companies to come to right decision based on decision matrix determined by logic and rationale; of course, we do the maths and consider the factors of market and sector in detail before arriving at any decision. Avail authentic and professional assistance through Mantraa to avoid unsought situations. Our services also include search of business partner, if sought by the company! We take into account the following dimensions while tendering advice

  • Advising on business plan and Valuation of the business after comprehensive assessments as per market
  • Due diligence process including documents compliances as required by law Creating a Win win model for both seller and buyer.
  • Negotiation terms between the parties and structuring the deal
  • Term Sheet
  • Documentation and associated compliances.
  • Closure


Looking for strategic acquisition to expand your footprint and business worth? Mantraa is the right place to find rational advice! We have been assisting the managers and company boards in matters of acquisitions and mergers and employ our knowledge and experience towards a correct decision afterwards for lack of information. Acquiring a new company could be complex if the seeking business entity has information crunch. We plug the gap for such companies and ensure that value is bred! Ranging from asset valuation and potential worth assessment to re-structuring and asset assimilation, Mantraa delivers end to end support solution to the businesses looking to acquire a firm. Court Mergers and Demergers

Mantraa offers professional counselling and assistance to companies undertaking restructuring via mergers and demergers under court or legal route. Our team of experts ensures that complete compliance is maintained with laws so that the process emerges seamless and smooth. Your company finds clear transition without any hassles or hurdles. Legal adherences are also taken care of in detail so as to avoid the discrepancies and potential conflict situations between the parties. Our team of experts takes care of the different dimensions that are integral to merger and demerger deals such as –

  • Asset value establishment
  • Draft Schemes
  • Tax implications and applications to Court
  • Document support for legal compliance
  • Business re-structuring post-merger/demerger