Mantraa is derived from Sanskrit verb “mann”, which means “to think” , and trana , which means “protection”. Mantraa means advice, resolution, instrument of thought, design, plan, deliberation, counsel consultation…. We are not just consultants. We have been part of the journey you are undertaking.


Mission & Vision

To guide businesses through the process of strategic change. We support strategic and tactical responses to the challenges and opportunities posed by growth, globalisation, technology and competition. Our role is to act as a experienced trusted advisor, provide objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.


We Deliver

We have a comprehensive relationship network enabling us easy and comfortable access to counter parties. Our team-based approach allows us to maintain a high level of quality and integrity in developing and executing transactions, even as we maintain the highest degree of client and transaction confidentiality in developing and executing transactions,


Differentiating Factor

We specialise in mid-market and small companies. We have personal experience of working in small companies and scaling them up ten to 100 fold in short spans. We have created value in our careers and understand the value creation process. We have learnt from mistakes and can identify risks in strategy and enterprise and also help identify opportunities, the current challenge/bottleneck. We understand entrepreneurs, their thinking process, their issues and what solutions would work for them depending of their business and their approach to business. We treat every transaction as unique and our own and focus on every transaction as if this is our only transaction and we are part of your organisation.

We understand and Deliver VALUE. We will earn when you as entrepreneur earn. Your success is paramount to Us.